Why We Get Out Of Bed In The Morning

Why We Get Out Of Bed In The Morning

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We have the great privilege of working with racers at every level of motorsport. Boy or girl, man or woman, young or old. Occasionally we hear from some of our MPI Family and it’s a pleasant reminder of why we do what we do at MPI. Here is a note we received from one of our customers this past week:

I race a Legend car on dirt in the midwest area. I  put a new MPI steering wheel in my Legends car for this year. My hope was that this wheel would give me better grip and put less strain on my forearms and elbows. My problem was that due to sports injuries when I was much younger, I have ended up with severe degenerative arthritis in my elbows. The pain and fatigue of holding the steering wheel was about to end my time racing, at times on some of the rougher tracks I needed to back off or pull off due to fatigue and pain.

This new steering wheel has changed all of that. No pain, no fatigue and my driving performance has improved due to this and better feel and car control. I could not be more pleased. I am 58 years old and wanted to at minimum meet my goal of racing to age 60 to compete in the Golden Master Division of Legends. Thanks to this steering wheel I now see no problem meeting that goal and racing years beyond it. I felt compelled to share my story with you, as I am not sure if you have had anyone share an observation/benefit of using your product for this type of reason. There may be other older racers like me with some old guy problems like arthritis, carpal tunnel etc that your steering wheels could help overcome, I sure am willing to share my story if it keeps some other “old guy”s racing, I sure wasn’t ready to quit (but my body was).

Thanks for creating your steering wheels, I certainly appreciate them!

Tim Franz


Thank you, Tim. And thank you to everyone who put their trust in Max Papis Innovations. We salute any racer who straps on a helmet and pursues his/her passion.