MPI DRG2-13 Product Recall

MPI DRG2-13 Product Recall

MPI News

Dear MPI Family,

MPI has learned of an issue revolving around a batch of MPI-DRG2-13 potentially having the covering separating.

If you are one of the clients that have been affected, please contact your local dealer or MPI and we will be pleased to substitute the product at NO CHARGE.

Product affected ranges from Serial # 129062021 – 130002021 and Serial # 12022-382022
Email MPI at mpi@maxpapis.com. Please include:

  1. Picture of the product’s covering separating
  2. Picture of the product SERIAL NUMBER that can be found on the BACK of the steering wheel
  3. Your Name and Address

One of MPI’s Customer Happiness Specialists will contact you for your product exchange. MPI stands behind every product we offer and every customer. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. We trust that MPI transparency, customer service, and proactive approach is appreciated.

MPI Team

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