About MPI

MPI stands for Max Papis Innovations and was founded in 2009 by Max Papis and Tatiana Fittipaldi Papis, in Mooresville, North Carolina. Max and Tatiana have a long background in racing. Max has been a professional race car driver since he was 12 years old. Since then he has raced in Formula 1, ChampCar, IndyCar, IMSA, Grand-Am, IROC, NASCAR Truck Series, NASCAR Xfinity Series, and the NASCAR Cup Series. Max still holds the record for having the most starts in NASCAR by a European driver.

Tatiana was born into racing with parents Emerson and Maria Helena Fittipaldi. She has a bachelor degree in Advertising and Psychology and a minor in Marketing, from the University of Miami. She is a proud member of the North Carolina Motorsports Advisory Council under Governor Pat McCrory. Max and Tatiana have two sons, Marco and Matteo.

During Max’s long racing career, he collaborated with several top steering wheel manufacturers where his passion and knowledge about the business grew. Max’s goal has been to apply this experience and knowledge to produce a state of the art product for the motorsports community.

At MPI, we take every aspect of construction and safety to heart in the most accurate and dedicated way possible. Before becoming an MPI product, our structures need to pass our internal quality control tests. One of the many tests is a torque structural steering wheel test that is considered one of the most severe on the road car market. Another is a stress test to see how our steering wheel handles when load force is applied to it to simulate a drivers hands remaining on the steering wheel during a severe impact. These are just a couple of measures used to test our innovative technology because safety and construction R&D is paramount to all MPI products.