Vintage styling meets modern safety and precision

AUTODROMO in Italian translates to ‘Race Track.’ It is there MPI exemplifies its quality and reputation as one of the world’s premier steering wheel manufacturers. All Autodromo wheels are handcrafted in Italy using only the finest products available. Every detail in the manufacturing process is meticulously considered. To maintain the vintage aesthetic, we collaborated with steering wheel experts of years past (I Vecchi Saggi).

Hand Crafted And Period Correct

To truly add an authentic vintage looking spoke, we went as far as using an old-style milling cutter to the frontal radius synonymous with the era. To finish it off, MPI uses the finest top grain leather available, using a slightly different grain for each model.

All of the stitching is by hand in the 70 series edition and repli-cates period correct techniques. Drivers will surely feel the difference passing through their fingers. The 80 and 90 series stitching is a perfect blend between machine and hand sewing. Each Autodromo wheel is unique hand-made product with its ownDNA and peculiarity.

A Note From MPI’s Max Papis

The thrill of driving is one that’s hard to put into words. Whether you’re racing down the Mulsanne Straight or simply driving to your ‘Cars and Coffee’ event — there’s a common enjoyment shared by anyone who gets behind the wheel. We crafted the Autodromo line to compliment this driving spirit and every model is carefully considered to create the finest tuner steering wheel imaginable.