MPI Family Photo Submission

A Note From MPI’s Max Papis

When I first started MPI, I could have never imagined we would have created this sense of community that I now call “MPI Family.” Our family exists at every level, amongst every form of racing.

I have asked my team to create a space to showcase our MPI customers. No matter if you race at the top level of motorsport, or you are a kid with a dream racing at your local track: we want to feature you! If you are a grown up with a passion (like I am now) willing to spend his/her free time smelling gas with greasy hands working in your garage: we want to feature you! We invite you to share with us your wins. Your tears. And above all else, your passion for competition.

I’m looking forward to receiving all your cool pictures and videos and randomly have my team feature your competitive spirit in our MPI promotions. Simply use the submission below to get started.


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    The fine print:

    By submitting your photo and information to MPI, you consent to letting us use your image or likeness in the context of featured ambassadors on our web page. Submitters also assume all responsibility for image copyright and permission required to use said photo(s) for promotional purposes.