Max Papis Innovations × Hyundai Motorsport

Rally has formed the backbone of Hyundai Motorsport. From their participation in the FIA World Rally Championship to the support of their customers, Hyundai has become a well-known name in rally series all around the world. Developing their credentials against the globe’s tough opposition, Hyundai captured their first WRC manufacturers’ title in 2019 and claimed the title again in 2020 which only strengthened their reputation in the global motorsport community.




Hyundai Motorsport is always pushing to improve every aspect of their operations, and they enlisted our expertise in developing the Rally1 wheel. Throughout the design process, we listened to all of Hyundai’s needs and wants along with driver preferences and responded to feedback until we collectively achieved a finished product Hyundai was satisfied with. Overall, the Rally1 wheel increased functionality, improved ergonomics and safety, and provided a competitive edge that did not before exist.


Both Hyundai Motorsport and Max Papis Innovations share the same desire to pursue perfection in every aspect of our work. Through relentless endeavors to optimize every detail, we continue to collaborate in order to set a higher standard. As Hyundai Motorsport builds its global rally motorsport legacy, we are here to provide the absolute best and most advanced rally steering wheel on the planet.