Simulation Racing Collection

Simulation racing continues to be a growing product segment for Max Papis Innovations. The same meticulous approach we put into making racing wheels goes into making the finest and most realistic steering wheels for gaming. Many replicate the real thing right down to look and feel.

Fastest Growing Form Of Motorsport In The World

While the on-track action may be simulated, “Sim Racing” is quickly becoming the fastest growing form of motorsport in the world. It’s much more serious than a casual video game it’s often thought of as. Today’s Sim Racer is every bit as serious and dedicated as their real life counterpart, and a select few have rigs and equipment well into the thousands of dollars.

MPI is pleased to address this market with a collection wheels that are second to none. Our MPI SIM line offers a collection of steering wheels every bit as real feeling as their motorsports counterparts. We offer styles consistent with every form of racing – including quarter midgets.

Used By Pros As Well And Hobbyists Alike

Our MPI Simulation Racing Steering Wheels are currently used and trusted by everyone from professional racers looking to stay sharp between events, to enthusiasts and people looking for fun entertainment.