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Per the video, we realize many are doing their small part staying at home to help stave off the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s humbling and inspiring to see so many who have embraced the digital racing medium, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see how many have chosen MPI for their rigs. Thank you.

We thought it would be fun to try and put together an informal commemorative video, showing this moment in motorsport history. We’re inviting anyone who would like to participate to send us video clips or pictures of you sim racing with MPI products. Whether you’re doing it for fun, or on the door step of being a pro eSports gamer, we would love to feature you.

Cheers and thanks to everyone for the support. It is our pleasure to play a small role in your racing.

Getting Us The Files:

For still photos and videos under 5MB, please email marketing@maxpapis.com

Naturally we anticipate many video files being much bigger, depending on length, resolution, and what camera you’re using to capture it. We are equipped on a variety of services – here are a few we recommend:

  • Dropbox – you can upload to your “public” folder and simply send us a link
  • Google Drive – you can upload there and send us an invite to the email above
  • WeTransfer – a free and lightweight file sharing system
  • iCloud Drive – Apple’s equivalent to the above
  • Have something else in mind or another service you prefer?
    Email us. We’ll work to accommodate it