This horn button fits all Max Papis Innovations 6 bolt steering wheels.

logitech steering wheel adapter

Adapter Installation

Logitech Steering Wheel Adapter
Upgrade your OEM plastic Logitech steering wheel to a proper MPI steering wheel — a true racing product that gives you the precision and feel you are looking for.

Adapter will allow you to use any MPI SIMMAX or other 3×2” or 6x70mm bolt pattern steering wheel on your current Logitech force feedback base. Requires simple disassembly and reassembly of the Logitech unit. All hardware included. Does not include Logitech base or MPI steering wheel. Both of those items sold separately.

SIMMAX Compatibility

Application Specifics:

Using the MPI-A-SIM-LG, you can mount any 6x70mm and/or 3×2 Inch MPI bolt pattern steering wheel to any G923, G29, G920, or G27 force feedback wheel base

Any 3x51mm or 6x70mm MPI bolt pattern steering wheel will mount directly to any Fanatec CS Universal hub or any similar bolt pattern device. IMPORTANT NOTE: All Fanatec Universal hubs and most direct drive wheel base hubs only use a 6x70mm or 3x51mm bolt pattern. The standard circle track USA bolt pattern is 3×2″. To use any MPI 3×2″ bolt pattern steering wheel you will need to purchase the MPI-A-SIM-LG to reduce 6x70mm Fanatec Universal Hub bolt pattern to accommodate the 3×2″ MPI bolt pattern product.