Our SIMMAX products may be for simulated racing, but the commitment to excellence and high performance is evident in every detail. Just like everything else we do at MPI.

Rugged And Fully Adjustable

Our MPI SIMMAX chassis is strong and sturdy. Accommodates a driver as short as 4 feet or tall as 7 feet. Adjust height, tilt, and depth for optimal comfort.

Completely Compatible 

Direct Drive Ready. Load Cell Pedals Ready.

The MPI SIMMAX chassis is ready to use with your force and direct drive equipment out of the box. Simply bolt on your and race.

Compatibility List:
Logitech: Driving Force GT, G920, G25, G27, G29, G923, TP3A Pro Pedals, Logitech Shifters
Thrustmaster: T300, T500 RS, T60, T80, T150, All Ferrari 458 Bases, TS-PC Racer, TX-XW Racer, TMX Force Feedback, T-GT, TH8 Shifter, TH8A Shifter.
Fanatec: Clubsport V1, Clubsport V2, Clubsport V2.5, CSL, CSL ELITE, DD1, DD2, CSL Pedals, Clubsport V1 Pedals, Clubsport V2 Pedals, Clubsport V3 Pedals, CSL Pedals, Clubsport Shifter

Everything Included

Add Your Electronics And Race

Our MPI SIMMAX Chassis is available with our standard seat included. Or purchase a bare chassis and use any seat of your choosing.

Length: 68 Inches
Width: 22 Inches
Height: 55 Inches
Sizing: Fully Adjustable